The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
December 26th, 1858

Sunday 26th December 1858

I and Julia and Mr. W. W. DMiss D. D and Mr. and Mrs Dore went to St. Thomas’ Church. In the afternoon Mr. J. L called in, also Miss. Baker and Mr. H.J.L  about 3 o’clock Julia and Mr. F.L. walked home to Wootton Villa but I remained at Mr. Dore’s till evening we arrived home about 8 o’clock.

December 25th, 1858

Saturday 25th December 1858


Mr. Samuel Flux married to Miss* (name not written down). We are very disappointed having received an invitation to spend the day and sleep at Mr. Dore’s, but it raining very fast and has the appearance of lasting the whole day,- about 3 o’clock we were delighted to see Mr. W. W. D stop in front of Wootton (Villa) in a pony cart – it was raining very hard and mother was rather warily for us to go, but however we did go and spent a very happy evening indeed. We retired to rest about a 1/4 past 2 o’clock.

August 1st, 1858

Sunday 1st August 1858

Julia and the two pets went to Wootton Church. In the afternoon I and Annie went to St. Peters Church at Havenstreet, met cousin William and Mr. John Krothson Artist we were very much pleased with the Rev. Mr. Kent – Mr. Simkin came a short way home with us , when we arrived at Wootton Villa we found two of Julia’s friends came to drink tea with us so we had a very agreeable party of friends assembled, after tea Julia and her friends went for a walk. Cousin William and Mr. Krothson left about 9 o’clock and Julia’s friend about ½ past 9 o’clock.

June 2nd, 1858

Wednesday 2nd June 1858

Miss. Jane Rolf dined with us. In the afternoon I went to Newport. Fanny drank tea with us, after tea I went to Woodhouse, Julia went part way home with Miss Rolf, she left Wootton Villa about half past 8. I had some fuchsias, dahlias etc  given me. I arrived home quarter past 9 o’clock.

May 21st, 1858

Friday 21st May 1858

The brown hen stole a nest in the copse.

May 17th, 1858

Monday 17th May 1858

We had our coals in.

May 12th, 1858

Wednesday 12th May 1858

Miss Fanny Wall and I, in our little four wheel started for Ventnor. We left home by half past 7 o’clock, we put our donkey up at the Kent Tavern. We then walked into Bonchurch, called at “Sunnyside” and saw Miss J Wall. We then walked into Shanklin, we went through the chine, and after which we dined, and then walked back into Bonchurch, drank tea at “Sunny Side”, then returned to Ventnor had “Daisy” harnessed, we came back through Godshill and Newport, home to dear Old Wootton Villa having spent a very happy day indeed.

May 4th, 1858

Tuesday 4th May 1858

About half past 1 o’clock, I left Wootton Villa for Ryde. I called and saw Mrs Tharle and also Mrs Cooper. Mr G.C. and I walked from Wootton Bridge to Ryde together, I went and saw Cousin William who informed me that last Sunday Mrs Dennis presented him with another little daughter. I called at Mr. Lake’s and payed (sic) him for the beer, I then called and saw Uncle and Aunt, after which I proceeded to the service at the Victoria Rooms. I am too lazy to write all the particulars so it must suffice the reader to know that  I spent a very particular pleasant evening, but being rather later than Grandma expected she was quite fatigued in sitting up for me. Mr.G.C. saw me safe home for which I was exceedingly grateful.

April 22nd, 1858

Thursday 22nd April 1858

We gave the parlour a little of our handiwork in dusting and put some new window blinds for the front windows. Julia did a little painting. About 4 o’clock I took a walk as far has Wootton Church to see about a kneeling board being placed in our seat. Mr Cooper was very busy constructing the two seats occupied by Mr. E. Williams and Mrs Read into one square seat for Mr. Hopkins the new owner of Woodside.

April 21st, 1858

Wednesday 21st April 1858

We took up the hall carpet and thoroughly cleaned the room. I was very tired when evening came