The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
October 27th, 1858

Wednesday 27th October 1858

I went into Newport also to Barton’s Village. In the afternoon Julia drank tea at Miss Rolfs.

June 2nd, 1858

Wednesday 2nd June 1858

Miss. Jane Rolf dined with us. In the afternoon I went to Newport. Fanny drank tea with us, after tea I went to Woodhouse, Julia went part way home with Miss Rolf, she left Wootton Villa about half past 8. I had some fuchsias, dahlias etc  given me. I arrived home quarter past 9 o’clock.

May 25th, 1858

Tuesday 25th May 1858

I went to Newport. In the afternoon Julia walked in and drank tea with Miss Rolf. She arrived home about 9 o’clock.

April 24th, 1858

Saturday 24th April 1858

I went to Newport. In the afternoon Julia walked in to see her friend Miss Jane Rolf.

March 11th, 1858

Thursday 11th March 1858

Miss Jane Rolf spent the day with us. I went to Newport.

Miss Clara Prince preached at Littletown Chapel to a numerous congregation.

January 16th, 1858

Saturday 16th January 1858

Julia and I went to Newport. Miss Jane returned from Compton.

December 22nd, 1857

Tuesday 22nd December 1857

Julia and I went to Newport. Miss Jane Rolf walked home with Julia.

In the evening The Ryde Harmonic Society held a concert at the “Victoria Rooms” Ryde.

December 5th, 1857

Saturday 5th December 1857

I and Mother went to Newport.

Mrs A Pike confined with a son.

In the afternoon Julia walked into town.

In the evening I walked as far as Mr Munns factory.  Miss Jane Rolf and Mr J.C.L. was with her. They came far as Staplers with us, when they returned to town and we finished our journey homewards alone, we arrived home by 8 o’clock.

November 29th, 1857

Sunday 29th November 1857

I and Julia went to Wootton Church. In the afternoon Julia expected Miss J. Rolf to drink tea with us, they went part of the way to meet her, but was disappointed as she did not come. I went to Wootton Church. Grandma had an attack of the spasms.

In the evening Mr G.C. and Mr J.C. called for us to go a walk, we went nearly to Combley and met Mr And Mrs Tharle when we returned. I enjoyed the walk very much – Grandma better.

November 28th, 1857

Saturday 28th November 1857

In the evening Julia and I went to Newport, the first time I was in Newport on a Saturday evening. Miss Jane Rolf came part of the way home with us, we also  met Mr G.C. who returned with us. Arrived home about half past 9 o’clock.