The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
November 15th, 2012


Welcome to the Diary of Mary Ann Denham who wrote her diary in the years 1857 – 1859, whilst living at Wootton Bridge in the Isle of Wight. We will be publishing Mary’s diary entries as they appeared in her diary.

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February 13th, 1859

Sunday 13th February 1859

Julia received a valentine and Mr. W. W. D. gave me a very pretty ring –

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February 6th, 1859

Sunday 6th February 1859

Cousin William dined with us. In the afternoon Julia and I went to Wootton Church.

January 23rd, 1859

Saturday 23rd January 1859

I went to Newport, had the donkey shod.

January 10th, 1859

Monday 10th January 1859

I went to Newport.

January 9th, 1859

Sunday 9th January 1859

I and Julia went to Wootton Church. In the afternoon Mr. T. L went to Wootton Church. Mr G. C drank tea with us. After tea I and Mr. W. W. D walked to Ryde, we went to Trinity Church, arrived home about 1/2 past nine o’clock.

January 2nd, 1859

Sunday 2nd January 1859

I and Julia went to Wootton Church. In the afternoon Cousin William came to see us. In the evening Mr. W. W. D and I had a few unpleasant words but we parted amicably.

January 1st, 1859

Saturday 1st January 1859

January 1859

New Years Day. We are finished the old year and began the new year in good temper, it was delightful.

December 29th, 1858

Wednesday 29th December 1858

I and Mother went to Newport. In the evening Mr. W.W.D and Mr. F.L. called in.

December 26th, 1858

Sunday 26th December 1858

I and Julia and Mr. W. W. DMiss D. D and Mr. and Mrs Dore went to St. Thomas’ Church. In the afternoon Mr. J. L called in, also Miss. Baker and Mr. H.J.L  about 3 o’clock Julia and Mr. F.L. walked home to Wootton Villa but I remained at Mr. Dore’s till evening we arrived home about 8 o’clock.