The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
February 6th, 1859

Sunday 6th February 1859

Cousin William dined with us. In the afternoon Julia and I went to Wootton Church.

January 2nd, 1859

Sunday 2nd January 1859

I and Julia went to Wootton Church. In the afternoon Cousin William came to see us. In the evening Mr. W. W. D and I had a few unpleasant words but we parted amicably.

November 30th, 1858

Tuesday 30th November 1858

Appeal day at Newport against the Income Tax. Cousin William drank tea with us.

November 2nd, 1858

Tuesday 2nd November 1858

In the afternoon I went to Ryde. after tea Cousin William and I went to the opening of the museum Sir John Simeon inaugrated the affair it was a very select assembly. I slept at Cousin Williams.

October 31st, 1858

Sunday 31st October 1858

I went to Wootton Church. Cousin William went to Havenstreet. In the afternoon Mr. W.W.D and Mr. F.L. drank tea with us. In the evening we went for a walk. The Atrahs arrived at Southampton.

October 25th, 1858

Monday 25th October 1858

I went to Newport. Grandma very poorly indeed. In the evening cousin William called to see us. Julia went to Wootton Bridge.

October 17th, 1858

Sunday 17th October 1858

I went to Wootton Church. Julia spent the day at Cousin Williams. Mr. F.L…. and Miss J. B…. drank tea with us after when they went to meet Julia. Mr. W.W.D called to see us about 7 o’clock and about ¼ past 8 o’clock Mr….. and Miss J….. called in so for about an hour we had a very cheerful and agreeable party.

September 26th, 1858

Sunday 26th September 1858

Julia went to Wootton Church. In the afternoon I drank tea at Mr. Dore’s. In the evening I went to St. Thomas’s Church . Mr. W.W.D walked home with me. Miss J. Rolf and Mr. F.L. Cousin William and little Annie drank tea with Grandma. Mr. J.P. called in about 9 o’clock on his return from Portsmouth.

September 13th, 1858

Monday 13th September 2013

I went to Newport. In the afternoon I walked to Ryde. Cousin William came home with me.

August 25th, 1858

Wednesday 25th August 1858

I went to Newport. License day in Newport. In the evening I received an invitation from Cousin William to go to the theatre but the note was missent so I was obliged to remain at home as I did not receive it till 8 o’clock and I was to have been in Ryde by 6 o’clock.