The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859

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August 31st, 1857 by Mary Ann

Monday 31st August 1857

Rather unpleasant weather in and out of doors. In the evening we went to a “Gipsy Party” at Packsfield, I enjoyed myself very much. Mr. G. C came home with us.

August 30th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Sunday 30th August 1857

I very poorly in the morning with a “billious attack”. I think that was what they call it but I really dont know, but however in the evening I was all right again. Mr G. C and Mr.J. D called in they came from Chapel.

August 24th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Monday 24th August 1857

Mother drove us part of the way to Ryde in the donkey cart, we went for a walk on the Esplanade. After dinner we went in the field, the dancing on the Green was very pretty. After tea, Mrs  Dennis, Mr. G. C and a few more friends went to the theatre, but I did […]

August 23rd, 1857 by Mary Ann

Sunday 23rd August 1857

Julia and I went to church ( I forgot to mention yesterday that Grandma made me a present of a concertina ). In the afternoon Julia and Mother went to church, Mr. G. C drank tea with us, after tea we went for a walk as far as the new Parsonage, it being now finished

August 22nd, 1857 by Antonia Ann

Saturday 22nd August 1857

Cousin William sent us an invitation to spend the day at Ryde on Monday next, it being the aniversary of the “Odd Fellows” club dinner.

August 18th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Tuesday 18th August 1857

September I am a month before hand that will never do. I do dislike carelessness. This evening for the very first time in our lives Julia and I went with Mr. G. C to the Theatre  at Ryde, we liked it very much indeed. The pieces performed were “???? Up and the “Laughable farce of […]