The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
August 15th, 1858

Sunday 15th August 1858

Julia went to Wootton Church. In the evening cousin William and I went to St. John’s Church at Newport.

August 9th, 1858

Monday 9th August 1858

In the evening Cousin William and Mr. ….. called to see Grandma.

August 8th, 1858

Sunday 8th August 1858

Grandma rather poorly, in the afternoon Julia drank tea at Mr. Dores Newport. Cousin William and Mr. Krothson drank tea with us, after tea they walked into Newport. They returned about 7 o’clock. Grandma very ill obliged to go to bed. Julia returned home about 9 o’clock accompanied by Mr. W.W. Dore.

August 2nd, 1858

Monday 2nd August 1859

A Grand Review and presentation of the Victoria Cross by the Queen on Southsea Common. Cousin William, Mr. Krothson Schoolmaster, Mr. Krothson Artist and I went across on the one o’clock steamer it was crowed to excess, we landed at Portsea we went …….the gunwharf etc with which I was very much interested. We then went on the Common where it was supposed there was 000 persons assembled, It was a most imposing sight we saw all the troops pass under the archway, and then saw them man the yards and give the salute. We went to Landport and saw the train start after which we came back to Portsmouth had tea and then crossed over to Gosport in the floating bridge, hired a boat  back to Portsmouth and started from the Victoria about 9 o’clock the steamer being delayed on account of the excursion train from Crystal Palace. Cousin William and Mr. F walked home to Wootton with me. I arrived about 11 o’clock. Grandma had gone to bed as she did not expect me home when it was so late. I spent a truly instructive and amusing and pleasant day.

August 1st, 1858

Sunday 1st August 1858

Julia and the two pets went to Wootton Church. In the afternoon I and Annie went to St. Peters Church at Havenstreet, met cousin William and Mr. John Krothson Artist we were very much pleased with the Rev. Mr. Kent – Mr. Simkin came a short way home with us , when we arrived at Wootton Villa we found two of Julia’s friends came to drink tea with us so we had a very agreeable party of friends assembled, after tea Julia and her friends went for a walk. Cousin William and Mr. Krothson left about 9 o’clock and Julia’s friend about ½ past 9 o’clock.

July 25th, 1858

Sunday 25th July 1858

I and Annie and Emma went to Wootton Church. In the afternoon Cousin William drank tea with us. In the evening Mr. and Mrs …… called in.

July 19th, 1858

Monday 19th July 1858

Rookley Tea party. I went to Ryde to pay the grocery license but I was too early so cousin William paid it for Grandma. In the afternoon I went to Newport.

July 6th, 1858

Tuesday 6th July 1858

Mother left us today for Fareham. I went to the end of Ryde pier with her. I put up my donkey at the Star Inn dined at Uncles and drank tea with William. I arrived home about 8 o’clock.

July 4th, 1858

Sunday 4th July 1858

Julia and I was both enabled to go to church this morning which was a great treat. In the afternoon we went to an open air meeting at Littletown. Miss Fanny Wall and Mr. G.C drank tea with us.

In the evening Cousin William called to see us. Mr. G.C and Cousin left us about 20 minutes to 9 o’clock, after which we girls went for a pleasant little walk but we were caught in a shower so that we got a little wet.

May 30th, 1858

Sunday 30th May 1858

I went to Wootton Church, Mr Deacon has had Mrs Deacon and her sons graves enclosed by a very handsome railing. In the afternoon Julia went to Ryde in the  evening, Mr. Krothrio and Cousin William came home with Julia.