The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
July 26th, 1858

Monday 26th July 1858

I and Annie and Emma went to Shide for Grandma’s Interest money.  In the afternoon Julia and Annie went to Littletown Sabbath School Anniversary Tea party. Mr. W. Cooper and Mrs. Cooper called to see Grandma on their return from Rookley.

July 4th, 1858

Sunday 4th July 1858

Julia and I was both enabled to go to church this morning which was a great treat. In the afternoon we went to an open air meeting at Littletown. Miss Fanny Wall and Mr. G.C drank tea with us.

In the evening Cousin William called to see us. Mr. G.C and Cousin left us about 20 minutes to 9 o’clock, after which we girls went for a pleasant little walk but we were caught in a shower so that we got a little wet.

June 28th, 1858

Monday 28th June 1858

General holiday – I went to Newport had a very pleasant ride in the donkey gig. There was a pleasure seeking party went from Wootton Bridge to Sandown. Julia was invited to join them but owing to a prior engagement she was obliged to decline. Mr. Pittis drove one party in Mr. Pophams waggon to a tea party at Ventnor, and some of our Littletown friends went to Gunville Bazaars. There was also a tea party in Carisbrooke Castle and another at Wootton Farm, so we were quite gay by seeing others out pleasure seeking. Fareham Asylum folks had a gypsy party on Portsdown Hill.

May 24th, 1858

Monday 24th May 1858

Miss Wall and I went to Carisbrooke Castle about 3 o’clock it poured with rain so we got very wet indeed. In the evening we went to the circus, there was an excursion to Alum Bay, a teaparty at Littletown, Merston, St Helens etc.

May 6th, 1858

Thursday 6th May 1858

Thomas Pittis brought us some duck eggs from Newport, so we sat one of our hens on them. I went to Littletown Prayer Meeting.

April 13th, 1858

Tuesday 13th April 1858

I went to Newport. In the evening I went to the prayer meeting at Littletown. I enjoyed it very much. I arrived home about 9 o’clock.

April 6th, 1858

Tuesday 6th April 1858

Rookley Teaparty, there was a party of 18 went from Littletown and its suburbs.

April 2nd, 1858

Friday 2nd April 1858

Good Friday. A very wet unpleasant day with the weather. I went to Wootton Church, heard a most delightful sermon. In the afternoon Mr.G.C. and Julia went to Littletown Teaparty. I and Grandma remained at home very happy.

January 10th, 1858

Sunday 10th January 1858

Julia and I went to Wootton Church, Mr. Scott preached from the 26th verse of the 32nd Chapter of Deuteronomy. In the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Tharle and Mr. George Cooper went to Rookley. Mr. A. Cooper’s little son was christened this afternoon.

In the evening Julia and I went to Littletown Chapel, Mr. Moody preached a very edifying sermon from the words “I am the way, the truth and the life”. Mr George Moody Jun. and Mr. Withington accompanied us home, we sang and played the flutine till 10 o’clock. We then supped, after which our gentlemen friends departed to their separate homes, and we retired to rest.

September 21st, 1857

Monday 21st September 1857

Littletown teaparty. In the afternoon Miss Lydia, Ann Elizabeth,.Alice Cooper, Miss Jane Brading, Miss Bagnell, Julia and I went to the tea party. When we arrived there the chapel was full and we were obliged to wait for the second course. There was a very large company for tea, but still it was nothing so comfortable as last Tuesday’s, at least I thought not.