The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
December 13th, 1857

Sunday 13th December 1857

I and Julia went to Church.

In the afternoon I went to Chapel. Julia went for a walk, Mr G.C. drank tea with us.

October 20th, 1857

Tuesday 20th October 1857

Mother and I went to Newport.

In the evening Julia and I went to chapel. Mr Pollard took his text from the 30th chapter of Job, 2 verse, it was an excellent sermon.

October 11th, 1857

sunday 11th October 1857

In the afternoon Julia went to church, I did a little drawing. Mr.G.C. drank tea with us.

In the evening we went to Chapel.

September 21st, 1857

Monday 21st September 1857

Littletown teaparty. In the afternoon Miss Lydia, Ann Elizabeth,.Alice Cooper, Miss Jane Brading, Miss Bagnell, Julia and I went to the tea party. When we arrived there the chapel was full and we were obliged to wait for the second course. There was a very large company for tea, but still it was nothing so comfortable as last Tuesday’s, at least I thought not.

September 20th, 1857

Sunday 20th September 1857

Sabbath school anniversary at Littletown chapel.

In the afternoon I went to church and drank tea at Mr. Tharles, after tea Josiah and Mrs. Tharles and I took a walk as far as Littletown expecting to hear them sing “Jerusalem” but people were coming out when we arrived there.

August 30th, 1857

Sunday 30th August 1857

I very poorly in the morning with a “billious attack”. I think that was what they call it but I really dont know, but however in the evening I was all right again. Mr G. C and Mr.J. D called in they came from Chapel.

July 19th, 1857

Sunday 19th July 1857

We went to church.

In the evening Julia and I went to Chapel, after we came out, Miss. Alford and we went for a walk and met Mrs Alford and Norah returning from Godshill in the fourwheel.

June 16th, 1857

Tuesday 16th June 1857

I paid the Chapel sitting.

June 7th, 1857

Sunday 7th June 1857

A very wet morning, we went to chapel in the evening. Came home and retired to rest at quarter past 8 o’clock.

May 3rd, 1857

Sunday 3rd May 1857

We went to church in the afternoon. Miss Alford drank tea with us.

In the evening we to chapel.