The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
April 11th, 1858

Sunday 11th April 1858

Julia went to Wootton Church. In the afternoon I went Mr Spurgein preached, Mr. G. C drank tea with us. Mrs and Miss Alford and Miss Fanny Wall went to Wootton Weslyan Chapel. In the evening Mr. G. C and I went as far as Wootton Bridge for a walk it was a very pleasant evening.

April 1st, 1858

Thursday 1st April 1858

Julia went to Newport, Miss Alford called in her fourwheel. Mr G.C. drank tea with us. In the evening Julia went to Mr. W. Hayles with the Tea and Sugar for the teaparty.

March 5th, 1858

Friday 5th March 1858

Mother still very poorly. In the evening we again went to Chapel, Miss Fanny Wall, Miss Alford and Mr. Brown went to the penients pew. Mr Bailey called to see us.

July 19th, 1857

Sunday 19th July 1857

We went to church.

In the evening Julia and I went to Chapel, after we came out, Miss. Alford and we went for a walk and met Mrs Alford and Norah returning from Godshill in the fourwheel.

July 15th, 1857

Wednesday 15th July 1857

In the evening I went to Woodhouse and Balhams Farm, Miss Alford hurt her eye much by a piece of needle striking it.

June 21st, 1857

Sunday 21st June 1857

Julia and I went to church W. Lee preached.

In the evening Mrs Alford Miss Alford Norah I and Julia and Mr. R C went to Woodside arrived home about a 1/4 to ten o’clock

June 9th, 1857

Sunday 9th July 1857

I went to church,

In the evening Mrs Edna Prince preached at Littletown Chapel, Mrs. Tharle, Miss Alford and Mr. G. Cooper called in to see Grandma

June 2nd, 1857

Tuesday 2nd June 1857

Miss Alford and I and a few friends went as far as Carisbrooke Castle, we spent a very pleasant afternoon, arriving home about quarter past 10 o’clock.

June 1st, 1857

Monday 1st June 1857

Whit Monday

 Wootton club walk.

In the afternoon Miss Alford and I and Julia went to Wootton Bridge, we drank tea at Mr.W.Cooper and arrived home about half passed 9 o’clock

May 31st, 1857

Sunday 31st May 1857

Whit Sunday

I and Julia went to church.

Mr G.C. drank tea with us, in the evening Miss Alford and Mr.R.C. called to see us. We all went for a walk.