The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859

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October 31st, 1857 by Mary Ann

Saturday 31st October 1857

Mr. George Cooper repaired the veranda at the farm. In the afternoon I was very poorly. In the evening Julia and I went for a walk as far as Watergate. [Ed. Newport]  

October 30th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Friday 30th October 1857

Nothing particular occurred this morning, in the afternoon I went to Newport and did my marketing instead of tomorrow.

October 29th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Thursday 29th October 1857

Mr Atrill brought grandma six bushels of swedes turnips. Mr William Wittington repaired the roof of Wootton Villa. In the evening Wootton Bandsmen favoured us with a tune. Mother read aloud to us nearly the whole evening. We retired to rest about

October 28th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Wednesday 28th October 1857

I did a little gardening. In the afternoon Mother went to Newport. I sketched St. Edmunds Church at Wootton. Miss Fanny Wall called to see us. In the evening Mr G.C. called to see us, he very kindly pointed out the imperfections of my drawing for which was very much obliged to him but I […]

October 27th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Thursday 27th October 1857

Washing day, I went to Newport, heard that Delhi was taken, but was not able to get a newspaper, so I know nothing of the particulars. In the evening I did a little drawing. Grandma gave me a new pallette.

October 26th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Monday 26th October 1857

I drove mother as far as the lodge gates on the road to Ryde in the donkey cart, it was a very pleasant morning. On my return home I called to see Mrs Tharle and having hindered her for about half an hour I resumed my journey. I met Robert but did not have any […]

October 25th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Sunday 25th October 1857

This morning we went to church, Mr Scot took his text from the 22nd Chapter of Luke and the latte clause of the 19th verse “This do in remembrance of me”. In the afternoon it rained so we remained at home. In the evening Julia and I played a few tunes on the flutina and […]

October 24th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Saturday 24th October 1857

I and mother went to Newport, in the afternoon Julia went into Newport, she arrived home about 7 o’clock. The performance of Ryde Theatre will I think conclude this evening.

October 23rd, 1857 by Mary Ann

Friday 23 October 1857

Mr Scot called on Grandma.

October 22nd, 1857 by Mary Ann

Thursday 22nd October 1857

A very wet day indeed. Grandma gave us leave to go to Newport this evening to see W.H. Noodin’s new entertainment of “Out of Oddities”, but on account of the weather we remained at home.