The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859

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April 30th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Thursday 30th April 1857

Mrs Rogers was buried at Wootton church this morning. Mother and I went to Newport, saw cousin William, he came home with us. After tea Julia went to Ryde Harmonic concert

April 29th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Wednesday 29th April 1857

Mother returned from Ryde. I forgot to mention that poor old Mrs. Rogers departed this life last Sunday April 26th.

April 28th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Tuesday 28th April 1857

Mrs. Napp confined

April 27th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Monday 27th April 1857

Mrs. Stephens confirmed with a son.

April 26th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Sunday 26th April 1857

I went to church. In the afternoon Julia went to Littletown and drank tea at Balams Farm. Mr G.C. called to see her.

April 24th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Friday 24th April 1857

I went to Littletown missionary meeting, it was a cheerful party and closed about 10 o’clock.

April 20th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Monday 20th April 1857

Miss Jane Wall returned to Bonchurch.

April 19th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Sunday 19th April 1857

Julia went to Wootton church. In the afternoon Mr.G.C called in to see us as he was going to Combley Farm.  I went to Wootton church. In the evening Julia and Miss Alford went to Wootton church, Captain Brown preached. Miss S. Brading, Miss J. Brading and Miss Lydia Cooper came as far as our […]

April 18th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Saturday 18th April 1957

Julia walked into Newport this afternoon and arrived home about 8 o’clock.

April 17th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Friday 17th April 1857

I drove Annie home in the donkey cart. Mrs Dennis arrived from Portsmouth about half passed 5 o’clock.