The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859

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May 31st, 1857 by Mary Ann

Sunday 31st May 1857

Whit Sunday I and Julia went to church. Mr G.C. drank tea with us, in the evening Miss Alford and Mr.R.C. called to see us. We all went for a walk.

May 26th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Tuesday 26th May 1857

Mr. Dashwood died.

May 24th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Sunday 24th May 1857

I and mother went to church, in the evening Mr.G.C. called to see us.

May 21st, 1857 by Mary Ann

Thursday 21st May 1857

Ascension Day

May 20th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Wednesday 20th May 1857

Had the chimney swept. Mr R.Cooper lost some pork from his shop.

May 17th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Sunday 17th May 1857

Mother, and Julia went to church, in the afternoon I and Julia went to church. Mr. H. Williams called to see grandma.

May 15th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Friday 15th May 1857

Mr H Rusell and J. Brading discharged from their ship.

May 11th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Monday 11th May 1857

We took the bed furniture down, in the evening I and Miss Alford went to Woodhouse, I arrived home about 9 o’clock. Mrs. ? was confined yesterday with a son.

May 10th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Sunday 10th May 1857

Mr George Coopers birthday, I went to church Mr Scot has preached at Wootton 2 years today. In 1856 the sacrament was administrated 6 times. There was 190 communicants this year, it was administrated 8 times and 226 communicants . Mr Scots text was from the 16th verse of the second chapter of Corinthians “Who […]

May 9th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Saturday 9th May 1857

Mr. Pike departed this world.