The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
April 26th, 1858

Monday 26th April 1858

I did a little gardening Miss F. Wall drank tea with us. In the evening Mr. Cooper called to see Grandma about the seats at the church.

April 22nd, 1858

Thursday 22nd April 1858

We gave the parlour a little of our handiwork in dusting and put some new window blinds for the front windows. Julia did a little painting. About 4 o’clock I took a walk as far has Wootton Church to see about a kneeling board being placed in our seat. Mr Cooper was very busy constructing the two seats occupied by Mr. E. Williams and Mrs Read into one square seat for Mr. Hopkins the new owner of Woodside.

December 16th, 1857

Wednesday 16th December 1857

I drove Mother part of the road to Ryde in the donkey cart. On my return I met Mr. Josiah Cooper and had a long gossip with him, after that, I saw Robert and after chatting a short time with him, I resumed my journey. I had not proceeded far before I met Mr.G,C., so I had quite an agreeable morning’s chat with my old friends. I also met Mr.J.G.G. on his pony, but we merely bowed to each other and passed on.

We did not go to the “Dramatic Amateur Performances” this evening, it was a very wet  and dark evening.

June 1st, 1857

Monday 1st June 1857

Whit Monday

 Wootton club walk.

In the afternoon Miss Alford and I and Julia went to Wootton Bridge, we drank tea at Mr.W.Cooper and arrived home about half passed 9 o’clock

May 31st, 1857

Sunday 31st May 1857

Whit Sunday

I and Julia went to church.

Mr G.C. drank tea with us, in the evening Miss Alford and Mr.R.C. called to see us. We all went for a walk.

April 14th, 1857

Tuesday 14th April 1857

In the afternoon Annie and I went to Wootton Bridge, we called at Mr. Coopers and Mrs Brading, then drank tea at Mrs Groundsells, we arrived home about quarter passed 6 o’clock.