The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
August 31st, 1858

Tuesday 31st August 1858

I went to Newport. Mr. W.D. and Miss D. came home with me. We then went to a picnic party near Wootton Bridge. We arrived there rather to early so we went for a very pleasant walk as far as Woodside and back again we then had tea and tript on the light fantastic  till dusk after which we returned to Mr. R. Cooper Farm which was fitted up for the occasion, a great many friends from Newport honoured us with their company, we arrived home by ¼ past 10 o’clock, our little picnic gave I believe general satisfaction to all who had the pleasure of going.

April 22nd, 1858

Thursday 22nd April 1858

We gave the parlour a little of our handiwork in dusting and put some new window blinds for the front windows. Julia did a little painting. About 4 o’clock I took a walk as far has Wootton Church to see about a kneeling board being placed in our seat. Mr Cooper was very busy constructing the two seats occupied by Mr. E. Williams and Mrs Read into one square seat for Mr. Hopkins the new owner of Woodside.

December 28th, 1857

Monday 28th December 1857

Julia and I went as far as Woodside and round by Chapel Corner, we called and saw Mrs. Tharle. We arrived home by 1/2 past 5 o’clock. In the evening I did a little drawing. Mr and Mrs. Bignall returned to Freshwater.

July 16th, 1857

Thursday 16th July 1857

In the afternoon Julia and I, Mrs Tharle and Miss Dawkins went to a “Gipsy Party” at Woodside. We all enjoyed ourselves very much indeed, Wootton Band played to us whilst we tripped out on the light fantastic toe. At 8 o’clock it came on to rain so that we had very wet journey home.