The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
August 30th, 1858

Monday 30th August 1858

Last Saturday there was a Harvest Supper at Combley Farm. Mr. J..G Mr. G.C. Mrs Tharle and Miss Cooper etc went.

May 4th, 1858

Tuesday 4th May 1858

About half past 1 o’clock, I left Wootton Villa for Ryde. I called and saw Mrs Tharle and also Mrs Cooper. Mr G.C. and I walked from Wootton Bridge to Ryde together, I went and saw Cousin William who informed me that last Sunday Mrs Dennis presented him with another little daughter. I called at Mr. Lake’s and payed (sic) him for the beer, I then called and saw Uncle and Aunt, after which I proceeded to the service at the Victoria Rooms. I am too lazy to write all the particulars so it must suffice the reader to know that  I spent a very particular pleasant evening, but being rather later than Grandma expected she was quite fatigued in sitting up for me. Mr.G.C. saw me safe home for which I was exceedingly grateful.

January 13th, 1858

Wednesday 13th January 1858

I did a little fancy work. In the evening Mr. G. C, Mrs T. and Mr. J. G. G went to Rookley.

January 10th, 1858

Sunday 10th January 1858

Julia and I went to Wootton Church, Mr. Scott preached from the 26th verse of the 32nd Chapter of Deuteronomy. In the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Tharle and Mr. George Cooper went to Rookley. Mr. A. Cooper’s little son was christened this afternoon.

In the evening Julia and I went to Littletown Chapel, Mr. Moody preached a very edifying sermon from the words “I am the way, the truth and the life”. Mr George Moody Jun. and Mr. Withington accompanied us home, we sang and played the flutine till 10 o’clock. We then supped, after which our gentlemen friends departed to their separate homes, and we retired to rest.

December 28th, 1857

Monday 28th December 1857

Julia and I went as far as Woodside and round by Chapel Corner, we called and saw Mrs. Tharle. We arrived home by 1/2 past 5 o’clock. In the evening I did a little drawing. Mr and Mrs. Bignall returned to Freshwater.

November 29th, 1857

Sunday 29th November 1857

I and Julia went to Wootton Church. In the afternoon Julia expected Miss J. Rolf to drink tea with us, they went part of the way to meet her, but was disappointed as she did not come. I went to Wootton Church. Grandma had an attack of the spasms.

In the evening Mr G.C. and Mr J.C. called for us to go a walk, we went nearly to Combley and met Mr And Mrs Tharle when we returned. I enjoyed the walk very much – Grandma better.

October 26th, 1857

Monday 26th October 1857

I drove mother as far as the lodge gates on the road to Ryde in the donkey cart, it was a very pleasant morning. On my return home I called to see Mrs Tharle and having hindered her for about half an hour I resumed my journey. I met Robert but did not have any gossip with him, he was looking much better than when I saw him last. Mother returned from Ryde about quarter to 8 o’clock.

She informed us that Uncle Thomas was recovering from an attack of gout and that the dear little girls has had the measles. Eliza Annie and Emma Jane was convalescent but Mary Lousia is still very poorly. We heard that talented company of Ryde Theatre had taken the Queens Rooms, Newport for five nights. The first performance to commence this evening at 7 o’clock. I played a few tunes on the Flutina to myself, after which we had supper and retired to rest about 10 o’clock.

September 27th, 1857

Sunday 27th September 1857

Mr.G.C.W. and Mrs Tharle when to Rookley.

July 16th, 1857

Thursday 16th July 1857

In the afternoon Julia and I, Mrs Tharle and Miss Dawkins went to a “Gipsy Party” at Woodside. We all enjoyed ourselves very much indeed, Wootton Band played to us whilst we tripped out on the light fantastic toe. At 8 o’clock it came on to rain so that we had very wet journey home.

June 9th, 1857

Sunday 9th July 1857

I went to church,

In the evening Mrs Edna Prince preached at Littletown Chapel, Mrs. Tharle, Miss Alford and Mr. G. Cooper called in to see Grandma