The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
November 13th, 1858

Saturday 13th November 1858

Mother and I went to Newport. Mrs Cooper buried at Wootton Church.

July 26th, 1858

Monday 26th July 1858

I and Annie and Emma went to Shide for Grandma’s Interest money.  In the afternoon Julia and Annie went to Littletown Sabbath School Anniversary Tea party. Mr. W. Cooper and Mrs. Cooper called to see Grandma on their return from Rookley.

May 4th, 1858

Tuesday 4th May 1858

About half past 1 o’clock, I left Wootton Villa for Ryde. I called and saw Mrs Tharle and also Mrs Cooper. Mr G.C. and I walked from Wootton Bridge to Ryde together, I went and saw Cousin William who informed me that last Sunday Mrs Dennis presented him with another little daughter. I called at Mr. Lake’s and payed (sic) him for the beer, I then called and saw Uncle and Aunt, after which I proceeded to the service at the Victoria Rooms. I am too lazy to write all the particulars so it must suffice the reader to know that  I spent a very particular pleasant evening, but being rather later than Grandma expected she was quite fatigued in sitting up for me. Mr.G.C. saw me safe home for which I was exceedingly grateful.

April 12th, 1858

Monday 12th April 1858

Julia went to Wootton Bridge for some duck eggs. In the evening Mr. G. C,  Mr. G,  Mrs. and Miss Lydia Cooper called in we had a little practice but it did not sound so sweet as it generally does.

March 15th, 1858

Monday 15th March 1858

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The path of the total solar eclipse of 15th March 1858 as it crossed England.
The Illustrated News of the World – First Edition 1858.


An eclipse of the sun at 1 o’clock, it was a very grand sight. In the afternoon Mr Adam Cooper and Mrs Cooper returned to Rookley. In the evening went to post.




October 4th, 1857

Sunday 4th October 1857

Poor old man Barkham was buried at Arreton, 92 years of age, Mr. George Cooper was undertaker.

In the evening Mr.G.C. and Mrs. Cooper called to see us. We heard Mr. A. Cooper and Mrs Cooper pass by on their return home to Rookley, after spending a day at Wootton.

June 29th, 1857

Monday 29th June 1857

General holiday, we were invited to join a party to go to Bembridge but we declined the invitation., Teaparty at Gunville, Mrs Cooper, Miss Julia Cooper and Mr. G. Cooper went they arrived home about 10 o’clock. Julia went to Balams Farm.