The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
June 13th, 1858

Sunday 13th June 1858

Mr. A. Cooper and family spent the day at Wootton. I went to Wootton Church. In the evening Julia went to Newport arrived home by 9 o’clock.

January 10th, 1858

Sunday 10th January 1858

Julia and I went to Wootton Church, Mr. Scott preached from the 26th verse of the 32nd Chapter of Deuteronomy. In the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Tharle and Mr. George Cooper went to Rookley. Mr. A. Cooper’s little son was christened this afternoon.

In the evening Julia and I went to Littletown Chapel, Mr. Moody preached a very edifying sermon from the words “I am the way, the truth and the life”. Mr George Moody Jun. and Mr. Withington accompanied us home, we sang and played the flutine till 10 o’clock. We then supped, after which our gentlemen friends departed to their separate homes, and we retired to rest.

October 4th, 1857

Sunday 4th October 1857

Poor old man Barkham was buried at Arreton, 92 years of age, Mr. George Cooper was undertaker.

In the evening Mr.G.C. and Mrs. Cooper called to see us. We heard Mr. A. Cooper and Mrs Cooper pass by on their return home to Rookley, after spending a day at Wootton.