The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859

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April 30th, 1858 by Mary Ann

Friday 30th April 1858

We were all tired today sitting up so late last evening.

April 29th, 1858 by Mary Ann

Thursday 29th April 1858

Miss Fanny Wall and Mr George Moody Junior went to Fareham Asylum, they returned about 5 o’clock, they drank tea with us. Mr Baily and Mr (no name) preached at Littletown Chapel. In the evening Mr G.C. and Julia went to the amateur dramatic entertainment, they were highly amused with the performance.

April 28th, 1858 by Mary Ann

Wednesday 28th April 1858

I went to Newport had three programme’s of the amateur theatrical entertainment of tomorrow evening given me. In the evening Julia went to Woodhouse. Mr.G.W. gave Julia a beautiful nosegay. Miss J. Brading called to see us .

April 27th, 1858 by Mary Ann

Tuesday 27th April 1858

I went to Newport. In the evening I went to Littletown Prayer Meeting, arrived home by half past 9 o’clock.

April 26th, 1858 by Mary Ann

Monday 26th April 1858

I did a little gardening Miss F. Wall drank tea with us. In the evening Mr. Cooper called to see Grandma about the seats at the church.

April 25th, 1858 by Mary Ann

Sunday 25th April 1958

Julia went to Wootton Church. Mrs Read took possession of a portion of our seat. In the afternoon I went to Church, rather surprised to find that Mrs Thornson also sat in our seat, when I arrived home, I am sorry to say we all felt very annoyed at the affair. Mr.G.C. and Mr.G.M. drank […]

April 24th, 1858 by Mary Ann

Saturday 24th April 1858

I went to Newport. In the afternoon Julia walked in to see her friend Miss Jane Rolf.

April 22nd, 1858 by Mary Ann

Thursday 22nd April 1858

We gave the parlour a little of our handiwork in dusting and put some new window blinds for the front windows. Julia did a little painting. About 4 o’clock I took a walk as far has Wootton Church to see about a kneeling board being placed in our seat. Mr Cooper was very busy constructing the […]

April 21st, 1858 by Mary Ann

Wednesday 21st April 1858

We took up the hall carpet and thoroughly cleaned the room. I was very tired when evening came

April 20th, 1858 by Mary Ann

Tuesday 20th April 1858

In the evening Mr John Tewksbury of Wootton Bridge attempted or threatened to cut Miss Martha Mew’s throat through a fit of jealousy. They are members of Wootton Wesleyan Chapel.