The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
January 27th, 1859

Wednesday 27th January 1859

Mother returned from Ryde.

January 25th, 1859

Monday 25th January 1859

Mother went to Ryde.

January 9th, 1859

Sunday 9th January 1859

I and Julia went to Wootton Church. In the afternoon Mr. T. L went to Wootton Church. Mr G. C drank tea with us. After tea I and Mr. W. W. D walked to Ryde, we went to Trinity Church, arrived home about 1/2 past nine o’clock.

December 20th, 1858

Monday 20th December 1858

We received a note from Ryde this morning stating that Mother was very ill with the influenza, I went to Ryde in the donkey cart and brought her home.

December 10th, 1858

Friday 10th December 1858

Mr.F. Lewis’ birthday 21 years of age. In the afternoon Mr.G.C. had a tooth extracted. In the evening Julia returned from Ryde, Mr.W.W.Dore and F.L. called in.

December 6th, 1858

Monday 6th December 1858

Julia went to Ryde, I went to Newport, Mr F. L. drank tea with us.

December 1st, 1858

Wednesday 1st December 1858

Julia went into Newport, heard that Mr. John Caplin of Ryde was buried yesterday at St. Pauls churchyard, he was only ill a few days. He has left a young widow and one child to lament his loss.

November 15th, 1858

Monday 15th November 1858

Mother went to Ryde.

November 9th, 1858

Tuesday 9th November 1858

Mother left the situation at the asylum. I went to Ryde to meet her.

November 4th, 1858

Thursday 4th November 1858

Julia went to Newport. The invitation to the members of the borough of Newport to dine with their constituents was accepted today, at the Queens’s Rooms about 275 of the electors and their friends had the opportunity of welcoming their respected representatives, Charles Mangles and Charles Bart Esqs., in the good old English style with with good old English fare and the best the cellar could supply. The viands were supplied most bountifully by Mr. Read of the Wheatsheaf. On Saturday Jacob Brading was charged with trespassing in pursuit of game and fined 40s and costs. At Ryde there was a tea party held at the Working Men’s Institute.