The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
February 7th, 1859

Monday 7th February 1859

Mr. C Pike cut the pine and rose trees. In the afternoon the Rev. N Benham called to see Grandma.

January 14th, 1859

Friday 14th January 1859

Mr. George Cooper called in Grandma paid him 6s* for putting a new top to mahogany table.


**Using the Retail Price Index 6 shillings in 1859 is now worth approximately £22.
If Average Earnings is used the calculated figure is a staggering £122.00

December 22nd, 1858

Wednesday 22nd December 1858

Grandma very poorly, in the evening Mr. W. W. D. and Mr. T. L.called in.

November 7th, 1858

Sunday 7th November 1858

Julia went to Wootton Church. In the afternoon I drank tea at Mr. Dore’s W.F.L. W.J.P and Mr. Thorne drank tea with Grandma. I returned home about ½ past 7 o’clock.

October 25th, 1858

Monday 25th October 1858

I went to Newport. Grandma very poorly indeed. In the evening cousin William called to see us. Julia went to Wootton Bridge.

October 20th, 1858

Wednesday 20th October 1858

Mr. W. Dore’s birthday 50 years of age. I had the very great pleasure of drinking a glass of wine and wishing him many happy returns of the day. Grandma sold one couple of chickens for 3s.

October 7th, 1858

Thursday 7th October 1858

Mr. Hearn called to see Grandma. I went to Wootton Post Office.

October 4th, 1858

Monday 4th October 1858

Grandma made some blackberry and rhubarb wine.

September 26th, 1858

Sunday 26th September 1858

Julia went to Wootton Church. In the afternoon I drank tea at Mr. Dore’s. In the evening I went to St. Thomas’s Church . Mr. W.W.D walked home with me. Miss J. Rolf and Mr. F.L. Cousin William and little Annie drank tea with Grandma. Mr. J.P. called in about 9 o’clock on his return from Portsmouth.

September 16th, 1858

Thursday 16th September 1858

I went to Ryde to pay Mothers account at Mr. Hearns. Annie and Emma Jane came in the van to see Grandma. I arrived home by 2 o’clock after which I went to Newport. When I came back I found Mrs Dennis, Mary Louisa and Lucy Emily and the servant, they all returned to Ryde in the van. Fernhill Harvest Supper.