The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
February 7th, 1859

Monday 7th February 1859

Mr. C Pike cut the pine and rose trees. In the afternoon the Rev. N Benham called to see Grandma.

October 14th, 1858

Thursday 14th October 1858

Mr. C. Pike married.

June 11th, 1858

Friday 11th June 1858

An Horticultural exhibition took place yesterday at Carisbrooke Castle, it was exceedingly well attended the whole of the day. In the evening I finished painting Grandfathers headstone. Mr. C. Pike cut the garden hedges – we heard that Mr. James Baker has in his garden at St.Paul’s View Cottages Cross lanes a tremendous cabbage measuring upwards of nine feet and proportionally high, he has also two others which to all appearance will soon arrive at the same size.

April 15th, 1858

Thursday 15th April 1858

The first hen that sat laid an egg – the light hen we sat on the duck eggs. In the afternoon Julia and Mrs Moore went to the sale of furniture at Kite Hill, Miss J. Brading came home with Julia. Mr. C. Pike set the potatoes in the garden, Julia went part the way home with Miss Brading.