The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
December 5th, 1858

Sunday 5th December 1858

I very much better. In the afternoon Miss J. Brading and Mr. T Lillywhite drank tea with us. In the evening we went to Wootton Bridge Chapel.

July 11th, 1858

Sunday 11th July 1858

The Bible Christian Anniversary at Brooke was celebrated when three sermons were presented by Mr. J  Tremelling, of Chatham. In the afternoon Julia drank tea with Miss J. Brading and heard two very eloquent sermons preached by Mr. D. Alford. Mr. Gatrell and Miss M. Whittington married.

July 8th, 1858

Thursday 8th July 1858

Julia’s 18th birthday. In the afternoon she went to Newport in the donkey gig. Miss Alice Frampton came home with her and her brother. In the evening Miss J. Brading called to see Julia and brought her a beautiful basket of fruit. I moved the table in the parlour so they had a little dancing and in truth I think they spent a very happy evening.

At St.John’s Church there was service and a concert on the opening of a new organ.

May 1st, 1858

Saturday 1st May 1858

I went to Newport. In the afternoon Julia walked into Newport then came home with Mr Brading and Miss Brading.

April 28th, 1858

Wednesday 28th April 1858

I went to Newport had three programme’s of the amateur theatrical entertainment of tomorrow evening given me. In the evening Julia went to Woodhouse. Mr.G.W. gave Julia a beautiful nosegay. Miss J. Brading called to see us .

April 15th, 1858

Thursday 15th April 1858

The first hen that sat laid an egg – the light hen we sat on the duck eggs. In the afternoon Julia and Mrs Moore went to the sale of furniture at Kite Hill, Miss J. Brading came home with Julia. Mr. C. Pike set the potatoes in the garden, Julia went part the way home with Miss Brading.

February 7th, 1858

Sunday 7th February 1858

 Sexagesima Sunday* Julia and I went to Wootton Church, Mr Maddoc it was a delightful sermon,

In the afternoon Mr.G.C. and Miss. J. Brading drank tea with us, after tea we walked into St Thomas’s Church, Newport, arrived home about 9 o’clock.

* No longer officially marked by the Catholic Church, Sexagesima Sunday still shows up in some liturgical calendars. It is the second Sunday before the start of Lent, which makes it the eighth Sunday before Easter. Traditionally, it was the second of three Sundays (Septuagesima is the first and Quinquagesima is the third) of preparation for Lent. Sexagesima literally means “sixtieth,” though it only falls 56 days before Easter.

April 19th, 1857

Sunday 19th April 1857

Julia went to Wootton church.

In the afternoon Mr.G.C called in to see us as he was going to Combley Farm.  I went to Wootton church.

In the evening Julia and Miss Alford went to Wootton church, Captain Brown preached. Miss S. Brading, Miss J. Brading and Miss Lydia Cooper came as far as our house with them, after resting a short time, I and Julia went home with Miss Alford. About half passed 9 o’clock Mr.G.C, called on his return from Combley Farm.