Mary Ann Denham 1836 - 1871

Thomas Dennis and Ann Russell

Born in c.1772 Thomas Dennis married Ann Russell [born 31 March 1786] on 18 November 1802 in Alverstoke Gosport, Hampshire. They had the following children:

  • Thomas born 1804 in Alverstoke, Hampshire. Baptised on the 12th January 1804
  • James born ?
  • John born December 1809 at Wootton.
  • William born ? baptised 24 March 1811 in Wootton Appendix 6
  • Anne born 15th March 1813, baptised 11 April 1813 at Wootton Common

Thomas’s trade is given as plasterer and it is recorded that his burial took place at Wootton Church 27 April 1837 (died 21st April) aged 65 years. Appendix 22 There was a will with further probate document showing he resided at Wootton Common, Arreton, and trade given as painter/glazier. The will is currently held in the Hampshire Record Office, Winchester.

In the 1841 and through to the 1861 census Ann is listed as living in the Wootton Common area which is towards the top end of the present village around the Briddlesford Cross Roads. The actual addess was "Wootton Villa" which is about 100 yards from the crossroads.

1842 documentation records Ann Dennis as being a cottage owner at Balambs. The apportionment map of the same date lists the following information; -

  • 145. Cottage owned by Ann Dennis
  • 152.................... Ditto
  • 153 ................... Ditto
  • 154.................... Ditto
  • 155.................... Ditto

On the Ordnance Survey map of 1842 for the area reference numbers are: 112, 112, 116 and 169. This explains the census statement of independent means.

Ann Dennis lived with her daughter (Ann Denham) and two grandaughters (Mary Ann and Julia) at Wootton Villa. This house is shown on the 1862 Ordnance Survey Map. We belive the property was demolished when Ann sold her property sometime after 1861 and moved to Ryde.

More information in Appendix 1

Sometime after the 1861 census she moves to Ryde to live with her son John, one has to assume it was after the death of her daughter Ann, and marriage of her grand daughter, Julia Denham.

She died at Ryde on the 20th February 1880, aged 94.

John Denham and Ann Dennis

Ann Dennis married John Denham (brick burner/maker) on the 11th September, 1835 at Alverstoke, Hampshire and their first child Mary Ann was born on the 30th July 1836 in Arreton. There was also a son called John born in 1837 who lived with his father and paternal grandparents, see Appendix 23. A second daughter Julia Dennis was born on the 8th July 1840 at Wootton Common.

In the 1841 census Ann Denham and two daughters are living with her mother Ann Dennis who is listed as independant at Wootton Common, ages of the family confirm identification. In the census there is no mention of John Denham living with the family.

The 1851 census shows the family still living at Wootton Common with Ann Dennis now aged 64 as head of the house; her occupation is given as “beer shop keeper and house proprietor”. Her daughter Ann Denham aged 36 [no occupation listed] is there with her two daughters Mary Ann [14] and Julia Dennis [10] both are shown a scholars. Again John Denham is not listed.

Newspaper reporting of court report

Ann Denham went to court in 1858 to protect her earnings, the application was granted.

Hampshire Telegraph 13 March 1858

John Denham 1798-1859 died on the 11th May 1859 in Ryde and is buried in Plot Old Parish Cemetery 3 in Ryde Cemetery.

Letters of administration for the estate of John Denham were granted to this wife Ann Denham on the 5th September 1859, value of effects under £200.00. Sureties on the estate was granted to Mary Ann and John Denham [daughter and son].

In the 1861 census Ann Dennis and her daughter Julia D. are still living with grandmother at Wootton whose occupation is now listed as a grocer.

Ann Denham died, aged 49, at Wootton and was buried at St Edmunds church on the 4th December 1862. Her grave is number 102. Her mother Ann Dennis is also buried in the same plot. She died at Ryde on the 20th February 1880, aged 94.

County Press December 1862

Mrs Ann Denham wife of the late John Denham died suddenly on the 30th November, doctor present at the time of death, cause of death epilepsy, buried at St. Edmunds Church 4th December 1862.

Grave of Ann Denham and Ann Dennis

More information in Appendix 2

Julia Dennis married William Richards in Portsea (part of Portsmouth) in 1864. He was an Accountant, born in Kent and they had two children. Please see Appendix 7.

William and Mary Ann Dore

Mary Ann Denham married William Walter Dore of Newport on the 27th March 1860, at St Thomas Church, Newport, Mary Ann's sister Julia and Thomas Burnet were witnesses, [Note: - Ann first mentioned William in her diary in September 1858]. Mary Ann's father is listed as a gentleman of Arreton and William’s father a grocer.

More information in Appendix 4

In the 1861 census Mary Ann is shown living in the Coppins Bridge area of Newport with her husband William Walter [25] whose occupation is listed as a grocer.

This is a record of their children:

  • Mary Katrine, 1st May, 1861, christened 28th July at St.Pauls, Whippingham Appendix 24
  • William Walter, 31st August, 1862, christened at Barton Church Appendix 29
  • Edith Winefred, 31st January 1864, christened at Barton Church Appendix 25
  • Annie Florence, 1st October,1865, christened at Barton Church
  • Gustave George, 21 July 1867, christened at Barton and died 1st January 1868, aged 7 months
  • Amy Dennis, 5th June, 1868, christened at Barton Church Appendix 26
  • Ernest Arthur, Born 1870 Appendix 21

Mary Ann 0f Coppins Bridge died on the 29th January 1871 and was buried on the 5th February in the consecrated gound at Fairlee Road, Newport Cemetery in plot number C556.
Her memorial stone reads:

In Affectionate Rememberance of
Mary Ann
The beloved wife of William Dore
who died Jan 29 1871 Aged 34 years
William Walter Dore
Born 25th May 1835
Died 13 Jan 1919 Age 83

Picture of Mary and Walter's Grave

According to Newport County Records Burials, Walter was living at 160 High Street, Newport at the time of death and interred with his his wife on the 17th January 1919.

More information in Appendix 3

William Walter Dore

This information relates to the period after Mary Ann's death.

The 1871 census states that William Walter Dore was a provisions merchant and he had 5 children as above, William was missing. The address is given as Coppins Bridge.

In the Kelly’s records for 1879 William & Son were trading as grocers, provisions dealers and bakers and in 1885 an additional trade of post office branch was added, this replaced Henry A Dore of 4, Sea Street, Newport who was the postmaster.

Now to the 1881 census, five of his children are living with him, Mary K [18] school governess, William W. [17] shop assistant, Edith W [16], Ann [14] and Amy D [12] the last two are shown as scholars. The address is still given as Coppins Bridge

William Walter [23] married Sarah J. Hunt in the period July-Sept 1886 in Newport. It would appear that William Walter [son] is operating a shop at 164 Newport High Street.

By the 1891 census William now age 54 is listed as a baker at 160 High Steet, Newport with only his two daughters Ann and Amy living at home, both are listed as shop assistants.

By the 1901 William is now a grocer and postmaster, his daughter Anna is the assistant postmistress and William’s sister Doris [58] is a grocery assistant, the address is still 160 High Street.

The business is not listed in the 1904 or any subsequent Kelly’s.

Note; - 160 High Street was near the bottom end by Coppins Bridge and the buildings have been demolished to make way for the County Hall extension.

More information and photographs in Appendix 5

The Dore Family

The 1851 census gives the following information, the family is listed as living in High Street, Newport; -

  • William. Head aged 43, born Newport. Grocer maker
  • Mary Ann. Wife aged 45, born Newport
  • Emily Jane. Daughter aged 21, born 19th September 1829, Newport. Dressmaker. Died December 1874*
  • Isabella. Daughter aged 19, born Newport. Home assistant
  • William W, Son aged 15, born Newport. Grocery Boy**
  • Dorcas. Daughter aged 13, born Newport. Scholar see Appendix 8
  • Albert. Son aged 9, born Newport. Scholar
  • Charles. Son aged 7, born Newport. Scholar
  • Ralph. Son aged 5, born Newport. Scholar
  • Rosina. Daughter aged 3, Born 19th December 1848 Newport. Scholar - Died 22nd March 1868 Aged 19*

* Buried next to William Walter and Mary Ann in Fairlee Road Cemetery.

** Mary Ann's future husband.