Diary Appendix Page Three

Appendix 19: Coppins Bridge

Census Extract 1861
Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
*Coppins Bridge, Whippingham William W Dore Head 24 M Grocer
" Mary Ann Dore Wife 24 F -

* According to the 1866 Ordnance Survey map Coppins Bridge was a row of buildings, including the White Lion Public House, that began at the bridge and extended toward Staplers Road. At the time the area was in the parish of Whippingham, the parish boundary being the river extending north-wards through the old town Gas Works to the west of Fairlee Road. In the 1861 Census William walter is recorded as being a "Grocer" but he may have been still working for his father and living with Mary Ann in a dwelling house at Coppins Bridge, which is less that 100 yards from 168 High Street.

This stretch of road is now incorporated into the Coppins Bridge Round-about, but the road still retains the name of Coppins Bridge. The place where the White Lion once stood is now occupied by a modern end of terrace house and a public garden.

Picture of Coopins road and railway bridge circa 1910

Coppins Road and Railway Bridge, Newport

This picture of the road and railway bridge was taken around 1910, although much later than the time that William Walter and Mary ann lived there the community of Coppins Bridge can be seen through the railway bridge. See also Map of Coppins Bridge.

Appendix 20: Uncle John - John Dennis

Newspaper reporting of the death of John Dennis (Uncle John)

Isle of Wight Observer 17th July 1875

Appendix 21: Earnest Dore

Earnest was the youngest child of William Walter and Mary Ann, he seems to have lived with his grandparents at 168 High Street according to the 1881 Census. He became a Cabinet Maker and moved to London and is a boarder in the Bird household at 38 Nichols Square, St Leonard Shoreditch, (no longer exists) London in the 1891 Census. By the 1901 Census he is married to Minnie (29) and has moved to 40 Milton Road Walthamstow, London.

Appendix 22: Thomas Dennis (Grandfather of Mary Ann)

Grave of Thomas Dennis

The grave of Thomas Dennis

The grave of Thomas Dennis in St. Edmund's churchyard, Wootton. He died in 1837. Thomas was the grandfather of Mary Ann, she and Fanny Wall cut the grass on his grave on 4th June 1858, see Page 93 of the diary. The grave is directly in front of Ann Denham's grave which can be seen in the background.

Extract from the last will of Thomas Dennis [1772—1837] dated 1st June 1836, Plumber and Glazier of Ryde

I leave everything to my wife Ann Dennis to hold and receive the rents, issues and profits for the rest of her life. Upon my wife’s death everything is to be sold, one fifth is to be put into trust for my daughter Ann Denham until the death of the husband John Denham [brick burner], after his death she is to receive the balance. If she dies before her husband [John Denham] the money is to be put in trust for her children. The rest of the money is to be divided equally up to a maximum of £500.00 between my four sons Thomas, James, John and William.

Appendix 23: John Denham (son of John and Ann Denham)

John was Mary Ann's brother, she never mentions him in her diary. It was thought that he died in infancy but we have discovered a John Denham living with James and Elizabeth Denham in Ryde, Isle of Wight. John Denham, his father is not present, nor does he appear anywhere else in the 1841 Census.

Census Extract 1841
Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
Newport Road, Ryde James Denham 60 M Independent
" Elizabeth 60 F -
" John Denham 3 M -
" Elizabeth White 75 F Independant
" Elizabeth Dyer 60 F -

The 1841 Census does not give family relationships but the 1851 Census does.

Census Extract 1851
Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
26 Weeks Road, Ryde James Denham Head 70 M House Proprieter/Gentleman
" Elizabeth Wife 70 F -
" John Son 52 M Labourer
" John Grandson 13 M Scholar

John Denham's father is now present and it is established that the young John is the Grandson of James and Elizabeth. Moving on to the 1861 Census.

Census Extract 1861
Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
Weeks Road, Ryde Elizabeth Widow 86 F -
" John Grandson 23 M Joiner
" Hannah Milmore Nurse 69 F Nurse

James Denham has now died, 1853 aged 76, also John's father who died in 1859, aged 61. Elizabeth's age is wrongly stated, she is actually 80.

Census Extract 1871
Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
Weeks Hotel, Ryde John Denham Head 33 M Carpenter
" Julia A Wife 26 F
" Julia A Daughter 9 F Scholar
" Not Known Lodger 30 F Not Known

Elizabeth Denham has now died, 1864 and John is the family head. He is now married and has a daughter, aged 9. They are still living in Weeks Road and if this is still the same property, it has become a hotel.

Census Extract 1881
Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
The Weeks Hotel, Ryde John Denham Head 42 M Publican
" Julia A Wife 38 F
" Julia A Daughter 19 F Drapers Assistant

John is now a publican and the hotel is listed as a Public House and Hotel in trade directories of the period. Sometime before the next census in 1891 the family moved to Islington in North London. John is still a publican. There is no record in the 1901 Census.

Appendix 24: Mary Katrine Herbert Neé Dore

Mary Katrine Dore, eldest child of William Walter and Mary Ann, married Frederick Henry Herbet at St. Thomas' Church, Newport in 1890.

Census Extract 1891
Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
The Green Edmonton, London Frederick Herbert Head 29 M Grocer
" Mary Katrine Wife 29 F -
" Dorcas Dore Aunt 42 F -
" Alfred Hobson Servant 23 M Grocery Assistant
" Isaac Herbert Uncle 67 M Retired Carpenter

They are still living at the same address at the time of the 1901 Census. Frederick's birthplace is given as Staplers, which is near Coppins Bridge, Newport.

Census Extract 1901
Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
The Green Edmonton, London Frederick H Herbert Head 39 M Grocer
" Mary Katrine Wife 38 F -
" Frederick R Son 8 M -
" Mary B Daughter 6 F
" Dorothy Uncle 5 F
" Percy G Son 4 M
" Minnie K Daughter 1 F
" Elizabeth Smith Servant 24 F Housemaid

Appendix 25: Edith Winefred Tucker neé Dore

Edith Winefred Dore was the third child of William Walter and Mary Ann, born in 1864. She married Albert W Tucker who was a butcher born in Islington, sometime around 1893. They lived in the New Cross area of London. In the 1901 Census they are recorded as living in Tottenham, London.

Census Extract 1901
Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
57 Hillside Road Tottenham, London Albert W Tucker Head 38 M Butcher
" Edith W Wife 34 F -
" Walter R Son 7 M -
" Un-named Son 2 months M
" Louisa Noble Boarder 32 F School Mistress

Appendix 26: Amy Dennis Slater neé Dore

Amy Dennis was the 6th child of William walter and Mary Ann, born in 1868. She married Albert Slater, who was a carpenter born in Cambridge, in 1899 and went to Ramgate in Kent.

Census Extract 1901
Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
3, Nassau Villas Cemetery Road, Ramsgate, Kent Albert Slater Head 31 M Carpenter
" Amy D Wife 26 F -
" Albert Son 5 months M -
" John Knowles Boarder 29 M Carpenter

Appendix 27: Obituary Of William Walter Dore

Isle of Wight County Press, January 18th 1919

He died last Monday at his home in Newport High Street in his 84th year. He was the principal of the family business Dore and Son, bakers etc., grocers in which he has been involved for over 50 years. He had been actively involved in the business until the Saturday prior to his death.

He held for many years a bread contract under the Guardian of the Isle of Wight Union when much of the “out relief” was given as bread, at a number of out stations. This was prior to the time when baking was done in the workhouse. He was a member of St Pauls Church, Barton where he was a leading member of the choir, even though he suffered from asthma.

The service was held at St Pauls and he was interred with his wife who died almost 50 years earlier at Newport cemetery.

Family members attending the funeral were, Mr W.W.Dore [son], Mrs Herbert, Mrs Tucker and Mrs Slater [daughters], Mrs W.W.Dore [daughter in law], Mr Leslie Dore and Master Leslie Dore [grandsons] and Mr Sydney Dore representing his father Mr. C.W.Dore who was incapacitated.