Diary Appendix Page One

Appendix 1: The Woodman Arms

Picture of the Woodman Public House

The Woodman Arms was formed from two cottages that Ann Dennis owned. In the garden of the public house once stood a large building, possibly a barn or other farm building. This is shown on the 1862 Ordnance Survey map.

Appendix 2: St. Edmunds Church

Picture of St. Edmunds Church

St Edmunds Church, Wootton

Mary Ann's mother and grandmother are both buried in St. Edmunds Churchyard, Wootton. The plot number is 102 which is located near the main gate to the left hand side. The inscription on the grave marker is faded, as many gravestones are the Island are, the Island stone is very soft and does not stand up well to weathering. Julia Richards, Mary Ann's sister, and her daughter Margaret are also buried here, please see Appendix 7.

The Church is well preserved and maintained and is worth a visit. The church has it's own website www.woottonparish.co.uk/stedmunds.php.

Picture of the burial record for Ann Denham and Ann Dennis

This is the entry for Ann Dennis and Ann Denham in the church burial register. Newspaper reporting of Ann Dennis's death below.

Newspaper reporting of Ann Dennis death

Isle of Wight Observer 28th February 1880

Diagram showing the grave plots in St. Edmunds Church

Burial plots of St.Edmund's Church. The grave positions are marked in red.

Appendix 3: Fairlee Road Cemetery

Location of Mary's Grave

Mary Ann and William Walter Dore's grave plot in Fairlee Road Cemetery, Newport Isle of Wight.

Appendix 4: St Thomas's Church, Newport

Picture of St Thomas's Church, Newport where Willam and Mary were married.

St. Thomas's Church in Newport where William and Mary married in March 1860.

Marriage Certificate of William and Mary Ann Dore.

Marriage Certificate of William Walter and Mary Ann Dore

Appendix 5: 160 High Street, Newport

Picture showing County Hall, Newport, which was the location of the shop that William Walter owned after 1880.

County Hall, to the left and the modern extension

The location of 160 High Street, the shop where William lived after Mary Ann's death is now occupied by County Hall. The original buildings where demolished in the 1960's (see below). The road has been re-aligned to allow for a feed into the one way system at the Coppins Bridge roundabout. The shop would have been at approximately the position of the trees outside the main entrance. The Prince Regent Public House stood on the corner of Sea Street and High Street, which is where the corner of the modern extension to County Hall now stands. The street numbers now end at 147, which is the last building before the start of County Hall.

Picture of lower High Street, Newport about 1859.

Lower High Street, Newport 1859

Picture of Lower High Street, Newport

This remarkable photograph (above) taken in 1859 shows the bottom of High Street, Newport leading to Coppins Bridge. Sea Street can be seen imediately to the left. The white builing across the bridge, beyond the trees is an inn called the White Lion. The building to the extreme left, with the awning, is 166 High Street, the 1861 Census records that this was an inn (see below), in the 1891 Census it is named as the Prince Regent which stood on the corner of Sea Street. 167 Hight Street is the first builing after Sea Street which means that the building occupied by the Dore family, 168 High Street is the three storey building with the man in the black coat and cane standing outside. Two of the buildings on the right hand side nearest the bridge still exist and can be recognised by their roof lines (left image). They are currently an opticans and an alternative medicine shop.

Census Extract 1861 for lower High Street, Newport
Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
166 High St William Parsons Head M 25 Innkeeper
" Eleanor Wife F 22 -
" Walter William Son M 1 -
167 High St Thomas Osbourn Head M 65 Cooper
" Jane Daughter F 29 -
168 High St Walter Dore Head M 52 Provisions Merchant
" Mary Ann Wife F 56 -
" Emily Jane Daughter F 28 -
" Dorcas Daughter F 23 -
" Albert Son M 19 Baker/Grocer
" Charles Son M 16 Assistant Grocer
" Ralph Son M 14 Scholar
" Rosana Daughter F 12 Scholar
170 High St John Cahill Head M 50 Land Surveyor
" Bridget Wife F 50 -
" James Son M 19 Labourer
" John Son M 16 Labourer
" Maria Daughter F 14 Scholar
171 High St James Coleman Head M 30 Fishmonger
" Charlotte Wife F 25 -

Note that William Walter Dore is missing from the Dore household (he was married to Mary Ann at this time and living in Coppins Bridge. The exact location is unknown, but it is recorded as being in the parish of Whippingam which at this time was across the river, the 1866 Ordnance Survey map confirms this, Appendix 19). There is no number 169, unless the Census Enumerator made a mistake, 169 may have been incorporated into 168 to accommodate the large Dore household (9, including William Walter).

Picture of lower High Street, Newport in the early 1960's.

In this photograph taken in the early 60's County Hall can be seen to the far left. The tall buildings 4th and 5th along were gutted by fire soon after this image was recorded. This led to the demolition of the row to make way for the extension to County Hall. The partial building to the extreme right is the Prince Regent Public House which stood on the corner of Sea Street. Counting back the shop at the left of the row would have been William Walter's, 160 High Street in the 1890's. The buildings from 147 to 160 high Street were demolished to make way for County Hall, which was opened in 1936.

Picture of lower High Street, Newport 1967

Lower High Street being demolished, 1967