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Appendix 6: William Dennis

William Dennis snr., painter married a Sarah Ann Dore on 20 Dec 1843. William collapsed following an argument with his brother-in-law John Blake Dore on 25 December 1846 and died some twelve hours later without regaining consciousness.

Son William Dennis, was apprenticed by John Blake Dore, (born 1807; died 1884) his uncle to a draper (possibly John Blake Dore's brother Charles Dore who owned a business at 121 High Street, Newport to 1898.

William eventually opened his own business in Cowes which he continued until his death in 1902 when the business together with property interests inherited from his uncle John Blake Dore were sold off.

Appendix 7: Julia Dennis Richards neé Denham

Julia Denham married William J. Richards from Hyth Kent, in the early part of 1864 in Portsea, Portsmouth. William's profession is recorded as an accountant. In the 1881 Census the family are resident in Carisbrooke Road, Newport.

Census Extract 1881
Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
Carisbrooke Road, Newport William J Richards Head M 42 Chartered Accountant
" Julia D Richards Wife F 40 -
" Margaret M.S. Richards* Daughter F 9 Scholar
" Mary A Richards** Daughter F 8 Scholar
" Elizabeth Larman Servant F 18 General Servant

The family name is not transcribed correctly in the 1891 census, being recorded as Richard. The family home is now in Lower St James' Street, Newport.

Census Extract 1891
Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
121 Lower St. James' Street, Newport William J Richards Head M 52 Accountant
" Julia D Richards Wife F 50 -
" Margaret M S Richards Daughter F 19 -
" Mary A Richards Daughter F 18 -
" Kate Jolliffe Servant F 19 General Servant - Domestic
Census Extract 1901
Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
Ravenscroft, Carisbrooke Road, Newport William J Richards Head M 62 Public Accountant
" Julia D Richards Wife F 60 Mineral Water Maker
" Mary A Richards Daughter F 28 Mineral Water Maker
" Annie Westmore Servant F 26 Domestic House Maid

Julia was operating a Mineral Water business from some time in the mid 1890's. The office was located at 16 St. Thomas Square, Newport, Isle of Wight. No. 16 is now part of the Wheatsheaf Inn. Julia applied for two patents relating to her business and these were granted in 1897 and 1898. You can download and view the respective patents in PDF format by following the links - No. 26,639 No. 18.202. I am indebted to Stephen van Dulken for his help in locating this information.

In the 1911 Census Julia is living at Catherington, near Clanfield, Hampshire. There is a record of a William James Richards dying in Southamptom in April, May or June period, 1904.

Julia lived on until the age of 87, dying in late January 1928. She was buried on the 1st February at St. Edmund's Chuch, Wootton where her mother and grandmother are both buried. Her address at the time of her death is given as Medina Avenue, Newport.

*Margaret Mary Selina Richards

Margaret Mary Selina Richards married the Albert F. Hill (later Reverend) of Stepney, London at St. Thomas' Church, Newport in 1898. They moved to Lymington and lived at the Brewery on Quay Street where Albert was the manager. Margaret died in the Royal Isle of Wight County Hospital, Ryde in August 1932, aged 61 and was buried at St. Edmunds Church, Wootton with her mother. Note that Julia is not recorded on the gravestone, but church records show that they are both buried in the same grave.

Picture of Margaret Hill's grave, in Wootton Churchyard

Grave of Julia and Margaret in Wootton Churchyard

**Mary Annie Richards

Mary Anni(e) Richards married Francis Evans Welsh at St. Thomas Church, Newport in 1902. They had a daughter Mary Dorothy Denham born 1903 in Newport. There is also a record of a son born in 1917 at Newport, named Phillip John. The family lived at Kite Hill, Binstead.

Francis Welsh died in 1954, aged 76 and is buried at St. James's Church, Yarmouth in plot 1103. Mary Annie lived on until 1965, dying in Wrexham aged 92. She is buried in the same grave as her husband at St. James's Church, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight.

Appendix 8: Dorcas Dore

Dorcas Dore, born 11th August 1827, sister of William Walter never married. In the 1901 Census she was working for her brother (William Walter) at his shop 160 High Street, Newport as a Grocery Assistant. Died 31st May 1918 aged 80. Buried in adjacent grave to William Walter and Mary Ann, Fairlee Road Cemetery.

Appendix 9: Donati's Comet of 1858/9

Picture of Donati's Comet

This is a © copyright free image. Donati's Comet was the first comet to be photographed. It was nearest the Earth on October 10, 1858 and is expected to return in the 39th century.

Appendix 10: Samuel Flux

Census Extract 1861
Schedule Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
87 Wootton Samuel Flux Head M 21 Sawyer
" " Sarah Flux Wife F 21 -
" " Matilda Flux Daughter F 1 -

Appendix 11: Thomas and Ann Dennis and Jane Player

Census Extract 1851
Number Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
94 High St, Ryde Thomas Dennis Head M 47 Plumber & Glazier
" " Ann Dennis Wife F 44 -
" " Jane Player Mother-in-Law F 70 -
Newspaper reporting of the death of Thomas Dennis (Uncle Thomas)

Isle of Wight Observer 13th June 1874

Newspaper reporting of the death of Ann Dennis (Aunt Ann)

Hampshire Telegraph 16th February 1884

Appendix 12: James Young Groundsell

Census Extract 1851
Schedule Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
31 Wootton Bridge William Groundsell Head M 53 Painter & Glazier employing 2 men
" " Jane Groundsell Wife F 51 -
" " James Young Groundsell Son M 21 Painter Journeyman
" " Ann Groundsell Daughter F 18 -
" " Emma Groundsell Daughter F 13 -
" " George Young Groundsell Son M 10 Scholar

Appendix 13: Alford Family

Census Extract 1851
Schedule Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
28 Balhams Farm James Alford Head M 49 Farmer of 80 acres employing 3 labourers
" " Ann Alford Wife F 50 -
" " John Alford Son M 13 Farmers Son
" " Ann Alford Daughter F 12 -
" " Nora Alford Daughter F 8 -

Appendix 14: Influenza Pandemics in the last 300 Years

  • 1732-1733
  • 1781-1782
  • 1800-1802
  • 1830-1833
  • 1847-1848
  • 1857-1858
  • 1889-1900
  • 1918-1919
  • 1957-1958
  • 1968-1969

Source: Osterholm MT. Understanding pandemic influenza in the modern world. Paper presented at: Business Planning for Pandemic Influenza: A National Summit; February 14, 2006; Minneapolis, Minn.

Appendix 15: Barnabas Linnington

Census Extract 1851
Schedule Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
55 Keepers Lodge Wootton Bridge Barnabas Linnington Head M 54 Coachman
" " Harriett Linnington Wife F 42 -
" " Jane Linnington Daughter F 14 -

Appendix 16: Beech Lane

Picture of Beech Lane, Wootton

This picture taken in 1911 shows the rural nature of Beech Lane, it has now been renamed Station Road.

Appendix 17: Fanny Wall

Census Extract 1861
Schedule Location Name and Surname Relation Age & Sex Occupation
15 Woodhouse Phillip Wall Head M 67 Shepherd
" " Fanny Wall Daughter F 23 -
" " George Wall Son M 26 Gardener

Appendix 18: Woodside House

Picture of Woodside House

Woodside House c1911