The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
January 23rd, 1859

Saturday 23rd January 1859

I went to Newport, had the donkey shod.

November 27th, 1858

Saturday 27th November 1858

Took Daisy in from Beech Lane.*


* Now called Station Road.

May 31st, 1858

Monday 31st May 1858

Julia very tired indeed, we put Daisy out in Mr Alford’s fields for the first time this year.

May 12th, 1858

Wednesday 12th May 1858

Miss Fanny Wall and I, in our little four wheel started for Ventnor. We left home by half past 7 o’clock, we put our donkey up at the Kent Tavern. We then walked into Bonchurch, called at “Sunnyside” and saw Miss J Wall. We then walked into Shanklin, we went through the chine, and after which we dined, and then walked back into Bonchurch, drank tea at “Sunny Side”, then returned to Ventnor had “Daisy” harnessed, we came back through Godshill and Newport, home to dear Old Wootton Villa having spent a very happy day indeed.

December 7th, 1857

Monday 7th December 1857

I went to Balams Farm to pay for the run of “Daisy”.

November 30th, 1857

Monday 30th November 1857

Julia and I went to Newport.

Mr. Snooke put a new shoe on Daisy’s foot.

November 3rd, 1857

Tuesday 3rd Novenber 1857

I went to Newport had “Daisy” shod.

In the evening we had a game of fifteen two.