The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
April 29th, 1858

Thursday 29th April 1858

Miss Fanny Wall and Mr George Moody Junior went to Fareham Asylum, they returned about 5 o’clock, they drank tea with us. Mr Baily and Mr (no name) preached at Littletown Chapel. In the evening Mr G.C. and Julia went to the amateur dramatic entertainment, they were highly amused with the performance.

March 5th, 1858

Friday 5th March 1858

Mother still very poorly. In the evening we again went to Chapel, Miss Fanny Wall, Miss Alford and Mr. Brown went to the penients pew. Mr Bailey called to see us.

March 1st, 1857

Sunday 1st March 1857

In the morning we went to Wootton church.

In the afternoon, Julia and I went over to the opening of Cowes Chapel, Mr Bailey preached. We arrived home about 6 o’clock.

Cousin William and his little girl came to drink tea with grandma, William returned home about half past 8 o’clock but his little girl remained with us.

January 7th, 1857

Wednesday 7th January 1857

Mr. Bailey drank tea with us.

In the evening we went to chapel.

January 6th, 1857

Tuesday 6th January 1857

Mr. Bailey called to see grandma.

In the evening went to chapel.

January 5th, 1857

Monday 5th January 1857

Mr. Bailey called to see grandma.