The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
March 11th, 1858

Thursday 11th March 1858

Miss Jane Rolf spent the day with us. I went to Newport.

Miss Clara Prince preached at Littletown Chapel to a numerous congregation.

March 5th, 1858

Friday 5th March 1858

Mother still very poorly. In the evening we again went to Chapel, Miss Fanny Wall, Miss Alford and Mr. Brown went to the penients pew. Mr Bailey called to see us.

March 4th, 1858

Thursday 4th March 1858

Mother very poorly. In the evening we went to Chapel, the converts tonight were Mr John Harbour, Mr. John Miller, Mrs Bright, Mrs Jane Glaspel and Mrs Wight.

March 3rd, 1858

Wednesday 3rd March 1858

Julia went to Woodhouse and drank tea with Fanny.

In the evening we went to chapel. The converts this evening were Miss Julia Cooper, Miss Elizabeth Whittington and Mrs Whittington.

March 2nd, 1858

Tuesday 2nd March 1858

The weather very snowy. In the evening Littletown revival meeting commenced. Mrs Miller, Mrs Russell senior, Miss Russell junior and Mary Ann, Miss Salter, Mr James Moody were deeply convinced of sin.

February 17th, 1858

Wednesday 17th February 1858

Fanny Wall came in to see us. In the evening Mr. G.C. and we went to the Missionary Meeting at Littletown Chapel, it was a very lively meeting. There was also a tea party at Wootton Bridge Wesleyan Chapel, we heard there was about 150 sat down to tea, it passed of very pleasant.

February 14th, 1858

Sunday 14th February 1858

A very wet day. In the afternoon I went to Wootton Church. Mr.G.C. drank tea with us.

In the evening we went to Littletown Chapel, Miss Jane Wall was there.