The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
July 14th, 1858

Wednesday 14th July 1858

The Wesleyan Chapel on the Medina Road West Cowes has just been licensed for the solemnization of marriage and the first wedding took place this morning. Mr. William White Jnr. to Miss Lydia Pinhorn daughter of the late Mr. Charles Pinhorn, they were presented as is usual on the first occasion with a Bible and Hymn Book bound in Morroco (leather) – by the trustees of the chapel. The light hen began sitting today.

June 27th, 1858

Sunday 27th June 1858

I went to Wootton Church and received the sacrament. In the afternoon Julia went to church. In the evening she went to Wootton Bridge Captain Brown preached at the free Wesleyan Chapel. Mr. G.C came home with her. Mrs Moore confined but the baby only lived a few minutes.

June 6th, 1858

Sunday 6th June 1858

 Julia went to Wootton Church. Mr Scot returned. In the afternoon Fanny and I went to Arreton Church Mr Beston preached an excellent sermon from the words ‘What shall a man give in exchange for his soul’. We then walked over Ashey Down into Ryde we then went to the opening of the new free Wesleyan Chapel, Captain Brown preached from the words ‘ and they received him not’ . We arrived home about ¼ past 9 0’clock having walked about 15 miles without taken any refreshment. Mr G.C. suffered with us, Julia and Mr G.C. went part of the way home with Fanny.

April 20th, 1858

Tuesday 20th April 1858

In the evening Mr John Tewksbury of Wootton Bridge attempted or threatened to cut Miss Martha Mew’s throat through a fit of jealousy. They are members of Wootton Wesleyan Chapel.

April 11th, 1858

Sunday 11th April 1858

Julia went to Wootton Church. In the afternoon I went Mr Spurgein preached, Mr. G. C drank tea with us. Mrs and Miss Alford and Miss Fanny Wall went to Wootton Weslyan Chapel. In the evening Mr. G. C and I went as far as Wootton Bridge for a walk it was a very pleasant evening.

February 17th, 1858

Wednesday 17th February 1858

Fanny Wall came in to see us. In the evening Mr. G.C. and we went to the Missionary Meeting at Littletown Chapel, it was a very lively meeting. There was also a tea party at Wootton Bridge Wesleyan Chapel, we heard there was about 150 sat down to tea, it passed of very pleasant.

February 3rd, 1858

Wednesday 3rd February 1858

Rather wet day, in the evening Miss Moody and we went to the revival meeting at Wootton Bridge Old Wesleyan Chapel, we arrived home about 10 o’clock. The Sacred Harmonic Society held their second subscription Concert at the Victoria Rooms Ryde last evening, it was very well attended.