The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
November 13th, 1858

Saturday 13th November 1858

Mother and I went to Newport. Mrs Cooper buried at Wootton Church.

November 10th, 1858

Wednesday 10th November 1858

Mother and I went to Newport. Julia took her bonnet in to be fresh trimmed for the winter season.

November 9th, 1858

Tuesday 9th November 1858

Mother left the situation at the asylum. I went to Ryde to meet her.

October 18th, 1858

Monday 18th October 1858

Received a letter from Mother who informed us she is expecting to leave Fareham about the 9 of November. Mr. C. Heenley was sentenced to 3 months in Winchester Jail for breaking the peace during one of his fits of habitual intoxication.

October 8th, 1858

Friday 8th October 1858

Mother came to see us.

September 2nd, 1858

Thursday 2nd September 1858

I went to Newport. In the evening received a parcel from Mother.

July 30th, 1858

Friday 30th July 1858

My birthday. Mother sent me a bookmark. Intended going to Shanklin to spend the day but to some misunderstanding about getting a pony and cart I was disappointed. In the evening I and the two children went to chapel corner and picked a few winkles, then we rode from Wootton Bridge in Mr. Taylor’s cart. The dear little girls were very much pleased with their evening walk.

July 6th, 1858

Tuesday 6th July 1858

Mother left us today for Fareham. I went to the end of Ryde pier with her. I put up my donkey at the Star Inn dined at Uncles and drank tea with William. I arrived home about 8 o’clock.

July 5th, 1858

Monday 5th July 1858

We heard that Mrs I Bennett was confined June 27th with a son. Mother and I went to Newport.

July 3rd, 1858

Saturday 3rd July 1858

I went to Newport. In the evening as I was gardening who should walk out but Mother she arrived here about ½ past 7 o’clock. She was looking very well indeed much better than when she was at Wootton.