The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
July 20th, 1858

Tuesday 20th July 1858

Aunt Ann went to Ventnor.

March 1st, 1858

Monday 1st March 1858

We discovered that six of the eggs we sat the hen on was barren, so that out of the 14 eggs we have only 8 chickens, but they are very healthy sweet little creatures. We heard that Mr. John Young was married a short time back to Mrs Rawlins at Ryde, Mr. Young is nearly 74 years of age. In the evening mother arrived home from Ryde, Uncle and Aunt still very ill. A tea party at Newport Bible Christian chapel.

February 25th, 1858

Thursday 25th February 1858

Mother received a letter from Fareham, Uncle Thomas also sent for Mother to come to Ryde as Aunt was very ill. In the afternoon I drove Mother in the donkey cart to Ryde, I called and saw Cousin William and family, they were all quite well but I am sorry to say Uncle and Aunt were both very ill, I arrived home about 5 o’clock. I then went into Newport for some bread. About half past 8 o’clock Mr.G.C. called to see us , we spent a very pleasant evening.

November 7th, 1857

Saturday 7th November 1857

Mother went to Ryde, I to Newport in the evening we received a note from Mother stating that Aunt  Ann was very poorly and that uncle wished her to stay at Ryde for a few days.

Fanny Wall went to Bonchurch to see her sister, Mr Robert Cooper went to Ventnor, at least I heard so.