The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859

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February 17th, 1858 by Mary Ann

Wednesday 17th February 1858

Fanny Wall came in to see us. In the evening Mr. G.C. and we went to the Missionary Meeting at Littletown Chapel, it was a very lively meeting. There was also a tea party at Wootton Bridge Wesleyan Chapel, we heard there was about 150 sat down to tea, it passed of very pleasant.

February 16th, 1858 by Mary Ann

Tuesday 16th February 1858

A very fine day. Julia and I walked into Newport and heard the examination of the British school children in the Queen Rooms, we arrived home about 10 o’clock.

February 15th, 1858 by Mary Ann

Monday 15th February 1858

Copied a few tunes of music.

February 14th, 1858 by Mary Ann

Sunday 14th February 1858

A very wet day. In the afternoon I went to Wootton Church. Mr.G.C. drank tea with us. In the evening we went to Littletown Chapel, Miss Jane Wall was there.

February 13th, 1858 by Mary Ann

Saturday 13th February 1858

Mother and I went to Newport.

February 12th, 1858 by Mary Ann

Friday 12th February 1858

Mother went to Portsmouth, arrived home about 6 o’clock.

February 11th, 1858 by Mary Ann

Thursday 11th February 1858

Mother received a letter from Bristol. Mrs Newbury of Wootton Bridge confined with a son.

February 9th, 1858 by Mary Ann

Tuesday 9th February 1858

Very cold weather, in the evening Julia and I went to Wootton Bridge, we called at Mrs. H. Williams’s and spent a short time with her, we arrived home about 9 o’clock.

February 8th, 1858 by Mary Ann

Monday 8th February 1858

Mr. G. Moody left Wootton Bridge Band.

February 7th, 1858 by Mary Ann

Sunday 7th February 1858

 Sexagesima Sunday* Julia and I went to Wootton Church, Mr Maddoc it was a delightful sermon, In the afternoon Mr.G.C. and Miss. J. Brading drank tea with us, after tea we walked into St Thomas’s Church, Newport, arrived home about 9 o’clock. * No longer officially marked by the Catholic Church, Sexagesima Sunday still shows up in some […]