The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
January 25th, 1858

Monday 25th January 1858

The Princess Royals wedding took place this afternoon about 1/4 to 1 o’clock at St James Chapel, St. James Palace. About 1300 children was treated to a tea in the Town Hall at Ryde.

In the evening there was a banquet held at the York Hotel. A ball took place in the Town Hall and a “soiree” was held at the Victoria Rooms by the masters and teachers of the various schools after the children had been dismissed, which added another feature to the general enjoyment. At Newport, the Royal wedding was celebrated by a tradesmen supper at the Wheatsheaf Inn, which was presided over jointly by Mr.Loosemore and Mr.Smith of St James Square. At the Star Inn, a sumptuous repast was provided by Mr B.Warburton and partaken of by nearly 70 guests of the principle inhabitants, the Mayor E. Way presided. At the National School rooms about 150 of the working men (with their wives and sweethearts) forming the Working Men’s Institute were regaled with plum cake and tea. An exhibition of the magic lantern formed a fund of amusement for the evening under the superintendence of  the Rev,.G.H.Conner. Several barrels of ale were distributed to the lower classes in remembrance of the joyful event by Messrs. Mews, brewers by ticket, allowing every family a certain quantity who applied for it. A ball was held at the Dragon Hotel, Mr Halls acting as master of ceremonies. There was also a dinner presentation to the inmates of the house of industry, by some unknown benefactor. It gave greatest satisfaction to all concerned in it.