The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
November 3rd, 1858

Wednesday 3rd November 1858

I and Emma Jane arrived from Ryde about 12 o’clock. In the afternoon we went into Newport saw Uncle William’s son and daughter from Cowes. Mrs.W. Dennis. Emma Jane and Eliza Annie drank tea with Julia, drove them part of the road home in the donkey cart.

September 27th, 1858

Monday 27th September 1858

I went blackberrying. Yesterday afternoon three young men from Mr. Way’s in Newport went to Cowes in a little boat, coming home the boat capsized and two of them was unfortunately drowned. It quite throw a gloom over the whole town.

February 26th, 1858

Friday 26th February 1858

Mr. C. Pike  informed us that another of Mr. Salter’s daughters, was married to a young man at Cowes about a fortnight ago.

July 17th, 1857

Friday 17th July 1857

I drove Mrs Flux home to Cowes in the donkey cart.